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Registered NDIS Service Provider

NDIS Nursing Providers - Melbourne


Welcome to VIA CARE

VIA Care is a registered NDIS Service Provider with a team of highly trained and empathetic caregivers ready to support you and your loved ones. We provide a range of short and long term supports, including Support Independent Living (SIL) and overnight support, support coordination and plan management.

At VIA Care we work closely with you to ensure our service is empowering and tailored to you. As part of our personalized approach, each support staff receives an individualized participant induction of every client for best practice care and support. For clients with particular care needs we can provide targeted training to the staff who support them. Because we can rapidly train existing staff in new skills, we can meet the changing needs and goals of participants without having to change workers. As guided by you we can work collaboratively with the services, people, and family around you.

We deliver a CALD workforce that respects everyone’s beliefs. We provide a culturally inclusive service and with strong links across Victoria’s multicultural communities and strive to deliver staff who speak your language and understand your culture.

VIA CARE’s Vision

VIA Care’s Vision is an extraordinary commitment to combined support services, so you can live life on your terms.

VIA CARE’s Mission

VIA Care’s Mission is to provide quality, sustainable and flexible services that uphold human rights and create opportunities, empowering you to live the life you choose. We are committed to a shared, person-centred mission. At VIA Care we continuously improve our services to maintain a home care and personal service that is responsive to the needs of care recipients and families while facilitating their individuality and independence.

VIA CARE’s Values

All of VIA Care’s operations and activities are built upon the Values of our customers, their families, and their support network. We strive to achieve the following 7 key values which form the corner stone of our service


We work together on our shared goals .


We reach above and beyond for success


We bring new ideas and welcome new things


We acknowledge and appreciate the value of each individual


We take responsibility for our actions


We value people for their unique perspective and contribution


We respond to unique and individual requirements and grow our service around changing support needs

Work with us

Be a part of something worth building

VIA Care is consistently growing and we have new exciting career opportunities across. For more information and more open roles with our teams, feel free to contact us.

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