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Introducing New terms and languages when requesting changes to your plan

The NDIA have made some changes to the terms and language to help participants when requesting changes to their plans.

*These changes took effect on 1st July, 2022.

Plan Re-Assessment will be the new Plan Reviews

The term plan reassessment will replace the term plan review also referred to as full plan reviews, scheduled reviews and unscheduled reviews, change of circumstances and s48. The term Plan review date has also been replaced by reassessment date.

Plan variation to replace Light Touch Review

The term Plan Variation is to replace Light Touch Review, plan extension and plan rollover. Participants can request to make variations to their plan anytime during the duration of their plan.

Review of Reviewable Decision to be replaced by Internal Review of decision

The term Internal Review of Decision will replace Review of Reviewable Decision also called s100 Review. If participants are not happy with a decision made to their plan, they can request a Internal Review of decisions. They can also ask the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) to review NDIA decisions.

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