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Support Independent Living (SIL)

Supported independent living is the name of the NDIS funding that provides supports to people with disabilities to help them live as independently as possible.


Union Quarter is a vibrant neighbourhood activity centre and community hub comprising an extensive range of retail and residential accommodation tenancies for lease.

Overnight Care

VIA Care team have flexible overnight care options that allow for one of our care staff members to stay overnight and be at the ready to offer support as required.

Support Coordinators

Support Coordinators act as the primary point of contact between the individual with a disability and the various service providers and organisations that can assist them. There are typically three levels of Support Coordination.

Community Nursing Care

We can deliver both Enrolled and Registered nurses to assist with managing medical and health conditions. VIA Care can provide NDIS funded community nursing and can also supply nursing supports under other funding arrangements.

Household Tasks

At VIA care we support customers who may be unable to complete domestic tasks on their own or who require additional supervision.

Daily Personal Activities High Intensity

Supporting Daily Personal Activities means delivering carers who assist participants with any daily task they find challenging when unspported, including personal care, dressing and moving around the home.

Community Participation

We may arrange for customers to participate in social, community, and recreational events at VIA Care. We are certain that encouraging our clients to participate in community events would enhance their mental and physical health.

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