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Supported independent living is the name of the NDIS funding that provides supports to people with disabilities to help them live as independently as possible.

SIL funding is typically for people who need 24/7 support while living in a shared home. It exists to cover the cost of the support staff in the house. SIL providers will manage the supports themselves. Essentially this means that a SIL provider will supply the workers to support people in the house with daily living tasks.  VIA Care provides SIL houses across Victoria with a focus on developing your skills so you can live as independently as possible.

VIA Care in Melbourne have longstanding experience delivering supported independent living to participants from a wide range of back grounds and with a wide range of needs.

NDIS Supported Indepent Care Living & Disablity Support

As SIL Providers, when providing support, we are keen to hear feedback from the person we support and their support team and family. We hold regular check-in meetings and look for opportunities to continuously improve our care. This can include extra training and mentoring for our care staff, identifying ways to better support community engagement and bringing in specialist practitioners who can work on individual goals with the person we are supporting.

We develop teams based on the needs of the people we support and have experience in:

Supported Independent Living Melbourne
Supported Independent Living Melbourne - Hands together

We are accustomed to supporting plan reviews and can provide assistance to support coordinators and guardians through review processes.

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