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Sowing seeds within the NDIS

Sowing seeds within the NDIS

People who have engaged in the NDIS either as a service provider or a NDIS participant, know all too well about the ongoing challenges of sourcing regular, ongoing, and permanent services and relationships. With the ever-changing environment of the political, social, systemic, organisational, and personal circumstances, NDIS participants are often left wondering “how long will my current support worker, NDIS Support Coordinator, plan manager, therapist and so forth will stay?”

It is always daunting for a NDIS participant to have to meet new people, retell their stories and retell their support needs to people that may not stick around for the long term. Although the changing environment are hard to change overnight, one can look at these changes as an opportunity rather than seeing it as letting go again.

Jim Rohn (Born September 17, 1930 – and died on December 5, 2009), was an American entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker explains it this way:

No matter what keep sowing.

Taken from the law of sowing and reaping, a principle taken from the Christian Bible, explains the principle that governs the things you receive in life. The story goes that a Sower started with some good seed and wanted to plant. As the Sower was planning, some seeds were taken by birds, other seeds landed rocky ground, others were choked by thorns and others landed on good soil which grew tenfold.

Jim explains that also on the law of averages, if you keep trying, you will eventually succeed in achieving your goal. The underlying principle is to not give up and keep trying.

VIA Care is committed to ensure that provide solutions to assist both job seekers and NDIS participants and to match services accordingly.

If people are interested in engaging with VIA Care as either a NDIS participant, business venture or wanting to work with us, please contact us.

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